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Your Custom Message Printed Inside!

The World's Best Marketing Tool!

BILL-BOARD® $100 Money Drop Cards are so realistic that everyone will swear they found real money. We now offer both styles of currency; The previous and the current one hundred dollar bill found in circulation

Our money cards are precision machine die-cut and graphically designed to create the optical illusion that a “single” card (when folded over) looks like a stack of one hundred dollar bills. There is nothing else like it on the market. Barr-none!


Hand Money Cards To Everyone


Because your advertisement is disguised as money, you don't have to pitch a thing or worry about cold calling or rejection. All you have to do is drop, place or them hand out. How easy is that? "I promise promoting your product or service with BILL-BOARD® drop cards will be the most fun you have ever had with marketing and your prospect will get a real kick out it. Win-win! --> now that's a sizzle card!

Drop Card Representative
Jay, Graphic Designer

BILL-BOARD® Drop cards are a great way to drive an insane amount of traffic to your website! Just make sure to add some "Call-To-Action" on to your BILL-BOARD like ... Check out my 3-min video or visit my website to learn more, etc. Also, QR codes a great for making it easy for those on mobile devices to quickly get to your site or video! Think of drop cards as social media but offline!

Watch Your Sales Skyrocket!

Business cards that look like money capitalize on human nature that we can not resist the allure of found money. The result is amazing; BILL-BOARD® drop cards become the most amazing and affordable delivery vessel for your sales message.

It has been proven time and time again; If someone sees a $100 bill on the ground, their mind creates an instantaneous response to act, it will be picked up. Your message will be delivered and read! Unlike other advertising mediums, BILL-BOARD® drop cards are the ultimate and affordable advertising tool for; Marketing your business, enticing investors to join your Multilevel Marketing (MLM) program, get prospects to call your HOTLINE or watch your promo VIDEO!

Actual BILL-BOARD money drop card
Actual BILL-BOARD Shown

Best Money Card On The Market!

Bill-Board Money Drop Cards For Sale


Machine die-cut shape intensifies the illusion that a single money card is a roll of $100 bills. So exclusive and unprecedented, it is kept for years as a novelty. Die-cutting takes an ordinary to extortionary, it is what makes the BILL-BOARD® drop cards the most realistic money card on the market.

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LOCK IT AND DROP IT! Only the BILL-BOARD® drop cards interlock. You do not need to worry about it opening prematurely or "butterflying" open when dropped or tossed. You fold it over, lock it and drop it. It's the only drop card on the market with this must-have feature. Learn More

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YOUR CUSTOM MESSAGE! Your (custom) message is printed on the inside of the BILL-BOARD®. Use photos, images or color to better express your thoughts. Add one of our included call-to-action elements or a QR code to highlight your website, video or call-in hotline. Sky's the limit!

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BILL-BOARD® drop cards are designed to be folded over to conceal your custom message (until) your prospect opens and reveals it. Regardless of which side your drop card lands on or how you hand it out, it will always look like realistic money. Literally drop one of these on the ground, and watch your sales pick-up!


  • YES! Folds over!
  • YES! Die-cut shape! (Not cut into rectangles)
  • YES! Interlocks! (No Butterfly Effect)
  • YES! Printed on top quality cardstock for Best 1st impression!
  • YES! The unique design looks like a stack of money should!
  • No Branding! We never print our website on your card!
  • BEST OF ALL! Kept as a treasured keepsake; You will be remembered!
  • Compare them to a BILL-BOARD® Learn more

Hands Down BILL-BOARD® Wins!

We are the manufacturer. Not an affiliate. We can print any one of those drop cards found on the Internet, our printing press doesn’t care if we are making business cards or printing on cheap 100-lb photocopy paper.

A business impression is important to the receiver, and it should be to you too! Low-end anything results in negative, poor opinions. If you are selling cars, homes, MLM, offer a quality service or money-making business opportunity, giving someone or having them find printed fake cash on cheap thin paper is going to reflect poorly on you or worse, the receiver will (suspect) your success.

Give your prospect one of your BILL-BOARD® money drop cards, and they will know you are a serious contender. The quality, design, and it’s unique shape are perceived as a novelty, not a cheesy marketing gimmick. The BILL-BOARD® will impress your prospects.

Read ('Their') Fine Print!

WE WILL NEVER DO THIS! Look closely, and you'll find some makers even print their website on to your drop cards. That's sneaky. Why would you want to pay them to promote their business? We will never brand our company on your cards - that's a promise.

The Internet is saturated with tons of copy-cat affiliate sellers that use misleading words to convince you that their card folds over (when they don't) and more alarming 99% of them are all using low-grade paper stock money images cut into triangles.

You and your business are top quality; you are a professional in your field, then why would you buy something that is substandard? Tricking someone into believing they found money is only half of your drop card marketing, having them think that your business (or offer) is legitimate is far more important. Don't let a cheaper price convince you to settle for something less! BILL-BOARD® drop cards are the best on the market!

Actual Testimonial!

Successful MLM Marketer

Jason Wyatt

"... One of my very favorite offline tactics is advertising with drop cards. At first, I thought they were cheesy, but once I realized I could use them in many, many different ways, I completely changed my mind about them and decided they were very effective (and easy and fun) for building my business!"

What's Your Favorite Technique?

Drop Card Ideas #23
Paul Burke, Plumber

Drop Card Idea #23
The Tipper

"'... I always but a BILL-BOARD under my server's bill. I hide my tip (inside) the $100 BILL-BOARD and interlock it closed. That way when they open it, they find their real tip. They always remember me when I come back and ask me for more cards. Love these things!'"

#19 Drop Card Idea
Clara Pineda, Herbalife Rep.

Drop Card Idea #19
The Door Drop

"... after hours I walk the (retail) strip malls and place a BILL-BOARD into the door seam up towards the top. When the owner opens the store the next day, my cards mysteriously falls out of nowhere which they immediately pick up! Best part only the owner or manager opens the store, so I know my card gets into the decision maker's hands!''

Linda Mays, Realtor

Drop Card Idea #56
The Stand-Out

"'... when I show homes the seller often asks to leave our card; 9 out of 10 times I find a pile of cards from other agents that have been there previously. However, when I leave my card it always gets the most attention! If my clients see me doing this, they inquire why I am leaving money. I jokingly tell them that it's the cost of doing business!'"

Drop Card Idea #65
Dennis Grady, Sales

Drop Card Idea #65
The Gate Keeper

"... I use my money card to get past the gatekeeper ... I walk up to the person at the front desk, flash my BILL-BOARD and say that I have $100 I owe such and such (their boss). Almost without fail this gets me a face-to-face with the decision-maker! Super powerful for my cold calling days!"


Look Closely ... Who's Card Would You Take?

Don't think of drop cards as (only) an advertisement for your product or service, but as the vehicle that will deliver that message. In this context, drop cards are one of the most effective and cost-effective marketing tools. However the success is having an effective memorable message inside your card, along with utilizing proven placement techniques, and most importantly, being consistent in getting them out there.

Over the years, we have accumulated many of our user's great placement ideas (and tips) and conveniently organized them into our popular ebook; 101 Dropcard Ideas for Newbies below are just some of those ideas from the book.

Take Our 21-Day Challenge!

GET STARTED TODAY! Take the 21-Day Challenge Drop, place or hand out just 25 drop cards each day wherever you may find yourself and do it faithfully every day for three weeks. By the end of the 21-days, you will have reached over 500 people who have read your message, and that's not counting all the people who in turn (they have) tricked with the same $100 BILL-BOARD® drop card. It's your message going viral!

The best part due to the novelty of the BILL-BOARD®, your message (drop-card) will be kept for months possibly years to come; What other advertising media can do that? Nothing can!

If you did nothing today to "tell" someone about your business, it's like standing alone in the dark ... Only you know you're there!

Don't Be Along In The Dark!


Free! With Purchase

LIMITED TIME OFFER! When you place your BILL-BOARD® order today, you'll receive a free copy of 101+ Drop Card Ideas for Newbies (a $20 value). This ebook is packed with over one hundred plus great ideas (showing you) where the best places to drop and place your money cards so that you net the best marketing reach possible.

Drop Card Ideas"... this ebook was so compelling I was'nt able to sleep for a week! Some ideas were so cleaver -- I would have never thought of it. Every day I am out there placing my (drop)cards. I am fast becoming known as the $100 card guy!"


"Watch Your Sales Pick Up!"

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