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Not all $100 bill fold-over cards are created equal. Before making a choice, compare for yourself. Many you find online are just resales of identical products—they don’t craft them, we do. As the manufacturer, we handle everything in-house: design, printing, die-cutting, packaging, and shipping. We have the freedom to create any $100 money card, yet we chose to create the BILL-BOARD®. Why? Because it's simply the best.



Actual Competitor Card

Did you know that some drop cards that look like money DO NOT fold over? They are nothing more than “business cards” with the image of money printed on one side. How can you tell? The seller usually describes them as …Cards that look like real folded cash. It’s a play on words; they only look folded — they do not fold. Another tell-tale sign is their size; They measure 3.62 x 2.12 (approx. size of a business card).

Not what your are looking for, they are always sold in large batches of 2,500 5,000 AND are always (“on-sale”) for a ridiculously low price.

If you are looking for a business card that’s okay(?) BUT, if you want a truly effective marketing tool then these are (NOT) what you were searching the internet to find! You want to drop cards that at least folds-over and not one “printed to look folded.”

  • Nothing more than a (standard) business card
  • It does not fold over!
  • Not considered a drop/sizzle card
  • Not used as a marketing card


Actual Competitor Card

Drop cards that fold over is a much better choice. For Drop cards (a.k.a. Sizzle Cards) to be an effective marketing tool, it is paramount that they trick your prospect into thinking they found real cash; This means your message must be hidden until ready to be discovered.

Their Drop Card

However, most drop cards sold on the Internet (i.e. our competition) are often printed on low-grade paper and then cut into a rectangle shape. It is a much better improvement over the business card (shown left) unfortunately most of our competitors use lightweight printer paper which will often cause the “Butterfly Effect" when dropped or tossed. In other words, because their cards don’t interlock (not die-cut), they are likely to flutter open (like a butterfly) by the time they reach the ground; Exposing your hidden message prematurely and squashing the illusion of realistic money. Even laying on a flat surface they also tend to eventually open.

Let’s face it. How often do you fold your money perfectly into tiny little rectangles? How realistic is that? Real money found in your wallet or pocket purse will be askew and not perfectly square in alignment; This is the image of money people “see” in their head – not the rectangle found on the ground.

  • Folds over (a prerequisite for being a drop card) 🙂
  • Printed on lightweight low-quality stock (100lbs or less) 🙁
  • Cut into fake-looking rectangles 🙁
  • Does not interlock 🙁



We are the manufacturer. Not an affiliate. We can print any one of those drop cards on the left, and our printing press doesn’t care if we are making business cards or printing on cheap 100-lb photocopy paper.

A business impression is important to the receiver, and it should be to you too! Low-end anything results in negative, poor opinions. If you are selling cars, homes, MLM, offer a quality service or money-making business opportunity, giving someone or having them find printed fake cash on cheap thin paper is going to reflect poorly on you or worse, the receiver will (suspect) your success.

Give them one of your BILL-BOARD money drop cards, and they will know you are a serious contender. The quality, design, and it’s unique shape are perceived as a novelty, not a cheesy marketing gimmick. The BILL-BOARD will impress your prospects.


  • YES! Folds over!
  • YES! Die-cut shape! (Not rectangles)
  • YES! Interlocks! (No Butterfly Effect)
  • YES! Printed on top quality cardstock for Best 1st impression!
  • YES! The unique design looks like a stack of money should!
  • No Branding! We never print our website on your card!
  • BEST OF ALL! Kept as a treasured keepsake; You will be remembered!
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