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Only You Know Your There!



Take the 21-Day Challenge; Drop, place, or hand out just 25 drop cards each day wherever you may find yourself and do it faithfully (every day) for three weeks. IT'S SO EASY! You're at a lot of places; getting gas, going to work, buying food, shopping, walking the neighborhood ... By the end of the 21-days, you will have reached over 500 people (who have read your message) just by getting 25 cards a day out there! It's so easy, fun, and fast; Twenty-five cards go licky-split. That's not counting all the people who, in turn, they have had fun tricking others using the same BILL-BOARD® drop card. It's your message going viral!


Put money cards in your car's glove box, have a few in your pocket or purse (at all times), have them in a desktop business card holder, etc. That way, they're handy where ever you find yourself; Literally everywhere you go is another marketing opportunity - don't waste it. Give or place them every time you go somewhere -- and do it religiously!

Drop Card Idea - Put In Glove Box
Always Have Ready

What Are You Waiting On? Starting Marketing Yourself, Today!

The best part due to the novelty and quality of the BILL-BOARD® Money Card, your message, will be kept for months, possibly years to come. That retention befits you for future business down the line! Think about it. Not everyone at the moment they discover your card needs your product or service, but when they do, they'll remember the money card they have. What other advertising media can do that? Nothing can!

Drop Card Idea I Used
JD Handyman Services

"... I just got a call from someone that found my card at a Christmas pageant my daughter was in; that was several months ago since I put a bunch (of cards) on the top of seats as I made it to my own seat. My client told be they were thinking about getting someone to repair their wooden deck in spring ... She kept it all these months!"

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