101 Drop card Ideas for Newbies

Drop Card Ideas… Ideas so compelling you won’t be able to sleep for a week! Some ideas were so clever; I would have never thought of them.


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Think of drop cards not only as an advertisement for your product or service but also as the vehicle that will deliver the message that you want everyone to know; in this context, drop cards are one of the most effective and cost-effective marketing tools. However, the success you experience by using drop cards as a marketing tool is only as great as the message written inside the card.

Paramount to success has a compelling, memorable message inside your card, along with knowing expert placement techniques and, most importantly, being consistent in its use. Inside this edition, you will find 101+ drop card ideas. Some of these ideas will be more applicable to you than others; some may spark a better and more effective idea–which is excellent! The purpose of this eBook is not to present every placement idea possible; Rather, it is to stimulate you to think outside the box to market your product or service, thereby standing out from the rest!

The Marketing Possibilities Are Endless!


Give one to your beautician (or barber). They regularly network (talk to others). Give them two; Tell them one for their purse or wallet, and the other is for their mirror! Tell them to tell their customers that ($100 on the mirror) was a tip from a satisfied customer – watch how they will repeat that story!

Unbelievably effective at your local fair! Just think of all the kids that will find your dropped cards…why is this good? Children find these cards irresistible fun, and show them to everyone! Don’t worry; they will show their parents eventually! It’s all about networking, and fairs are packed full of locals.

There’s nothing better than having a mass of people walking around in Isles. Drop them along as you walk. Bring a lot of cards – you’ll need them! Now your card will be in the hands of potentially hundreds if not thousands of prospects! ATTENTION VENDORS: Drop them in front of your booth – guaranteed to strike up a conversation. TRY IT!!! Highly effective!

Every time you fill up – drop a card. Put one on top of the pump; throw one on the other side of your pump. This is the perfect location! Always keep a bunch of cards in your glove box.

Put some on the coffee or end table, in between magazines as you read them, or why not on top of the reception desk!

Place one in a drawer or cabinet. Drop one on the closet floor. Leave one on the countertop. Open houses (or model homes) are an excellent source of leads. Locals that tour them just because to letting “future residents” know of your business first before your competition.

Your area parking lots are a HUGE treasure trove of potential prospects in one easy to get to location … it’s time to get on your gorilla suit and place your BILL-BOARD® under the wiper of each car in the lot!* You can easily hit hundreds of residents in just one day!

Walk around, drop them, hand them to merchants, or place them on display tables as you pass by. Flea markets are an excellent location to find loads of people each and every weekend.


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