Actual Cards Left At A Listing!
Which One Do You Think The Seller Remembers?

Real estate agents use BILL-BOARD® money cards to get and stay remembered!

A BILL-BOARD®, unlike traditional business cards (that get thrown out or lost), money cards, are kept and treasured by the recipient as a novelty. Successful Realtors understand the value of retention and how this is the best way to capitalize on current, future business and referrals. Some real estate agents only use money cards as their principal business card, while some use them to generate additional business from those they have yet to meet or both.


24-Hour (out-the-door) Guarantee! This straightforward and affordable marketing tool is like none you have ever experienced; Once you use them, you’ll understand the power of marketing retention — You will be known as the Realtor that gives away those $100 business cards! Plus, they are guaranteed to bring a smile to every person you hand a money card who doesn’t want to start off meeting a new client with a smile?

  • 24-hour (Out the door) or it’s FREE — guaranteed!
  • Free Upgraded Priority Shipping!
  • Affordable! Starting at $49

Choose from the template below:

Easily customize it with your information, we’ll print it and get it out of our shop within 24-hours or less, or they’re — FREE. We’ll even upgrade your shipping to priority, so they arrive even faster!

Don't Have Time? Want Us To Design It?
We Can Do That!

We offer custom designing for busy Realtors that don't have time to mess around modifying a pre-made template or creating their own. For a small extra charge, our designers are more than be happy to design your BILL-BOARD® money card for you. We can’t always guarantee the same 24-hr turnaround because you’ll need to approve our design before we can print. We’re pretty quick (and still strive for a 24-hour out the door turnaround), but we can’t guarantee it like we can if you design it. However, once you approve your proof – it’s out the door in 24 hours or less! Learn more

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