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It’s so easy! Simply click on the (Customize Me!) button below, and then you can modify this template to fit your needs; Rearrange images, delete, add, modify or edit the text, add your logo, and so much more. It’s just a template to spark your imagination. Give it a try!


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Product Description

Why reinvent the wheel? Our BILL-BOARD drop card templates (like this one) are fully editable you can; Move, resize, change color, text and even add more design elements. Our designers just provided you with the head start … Click “Customize It!” above and begin to personalize this template with; Your name, phone number, website, etc. Once done … Your newly customized BILL-BOARD design is ready for us to print. Place your order today, and we’ll get started.

We are offering this marvelous bonus with each BILL-BOARD order placed today — Get a copy of our highly acclaimed book 101+ Dropcard Ideas for Newbies a $19.95 value!  It will excite and motivate you so much; you won’t sleep for a week! Yours FREE with an order.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Does It Take To Process Orders?
Once you place your order, we typically create and ship it from our facilities in Florida, US, within 1-3 days. However, factors like the time of day your order is placed, severe weather, holidays, the size of your order, and your position in our print queue may influence this timeframe. With Free Shipping, add an additional 5-7 days, or choose Priority Shipping for a quicker 2-3 days addition.

In total, from the moment you place your order to when you receive your BILL-BOARD® drop cards, it’s typically about a week or less, depending on the shipping option you choose.

Want them even faster? Opt for Rush Production to have your order prioritized and shipped out even sooner, often the same day or the next during regular business days. Additionally, save at least 1 day of prep time by designing your cards yourself using our online designer. Choose speed and efficiency with Rush Production and Priority Shipping to get your drop cards swiftly!

What Denominations Do They Come In?
Just $100, and here’s why: it’s the optimum choice. Consider BILL-BOARD® drop cards as your message’s carrier, not a monetary offer. These cards are designed to be treasured for a long time. To ensure they are kept and remembered, they must appeal to a sense of allure and value. The $100 BILL-BOARD® does exactly that, captivating attention and leaving a lasting impression.

Drop Card Representative“… Humm!  If we thought other denominations were more effective than $100, then we would print them. We are the manufacturer, and our printing presses don’t know the difference nor care if we print them as 1, 5, 10, 20 dollar bills.”

Why Does a BILL-BOARD® Have a Money Border Inside?
The unique design of the BILL-BOARD® drop cards, crafted to resemble a roll of bills, is all about maintaining the illusion of real money. When you slightly squeeze a folded and interlocked card, it puffs out, enhancing the appearance of a roll of bills. This slight pressure may reveal a glimpse of the inside. To ensure the illusion remains intact, we always print a money border around your custom message inside. This attention to detail keeps the money-like appearance consistent, even when the inside is partially exposed.  Learn more

Can I Remove the Money Border from the Inside of the Card?
Certainly. As a printing company, we can customize the design of your BILL-BOARD® drop cards, including removing the inside border. Please note that for such customizations deviating from our standard design, there’s a minimum order requirement of 5,000 cards. Additionally, the print time may be longer as your order will be processed separately from our standard runs. For these specific requests, please reach out to us directly to discuss your needs.

Does the Inside of the BILL-BOARD® Have to Be White?
No, it doesn’t have to be white. You have the freedom to choose any color for the inside of your BILL-BOARD® drop card. However, for color customization, we require a minimum order of 5,000 cards, and the print time may be extended as your order will be processed separately. To proceed with a specific color choice, please contact us directly.

Please Note: Historically, we offered two standard color choices: the color of money and white. However, the white interior has been overwhelmingly preferred by our customers (at least 10 to 1), leading us to offer the “color of money” only as a custom option. The white interior excellently highlights colors and images, and it does not affect the money illusion since only the outside of the folded drop card needs to resemble realistic money.

Do You Advertise Your Website Address On Them?
Absolutely not. We do not place our website address on your BILL-BOARD® marketing cards. They come to you completely unbranded, ensuring that the focus remains solely on your message. However, be aware that there are other drop card printers that do include their branding.

Branded With Their Website
Actual Competitor Card







Do They Come Folded Or Do I Have To Fold Them Myself?
Your BILL-BOARD® cards will arrive professionally wrapped in bundles, unfolded. Due to their unique die-cut shape, they can’t be pre-folded using our machines. However, they are designed for easy and quick manual folding, so you can have them ready in no time.

What is Your Return Policy?
Our return policy aligns with the industry standard: customized printed products are non-refundable. The exceptions are if we make a mistake that deviates from the proof you approved, or if you change your mind before the printing process begins.

We ensure you are 100% satisfied with your final proof before printing. Once you approve the proof and it goes to print, we cannot issue a refund.

If you create your design using our online designer, whether from scratch or by modifying one of our templates, the proof image is immediately displayed on-screen. By placing the order, you technically approve that proof. However, if you approve your proof and wish to cancel before printing, a full refund is possible. The exception is if your order requires our graphic design services. In that case, we reserve the right to withhold a minimum of 15% surcharge for our design time.

Stand Out Features

In a sea of imitation, our BILL-BOARD Money Cards are the beacon of authenticity and quality. Beware of sellers using deceptive language and inferior materials. Our cards don’t just fold; they transform. With us, there’s no compromise on quality—we use premium paper stock, ensuring a look and feel that stands out.

Your professionalism deserves nothing less than the best. Our cards aren’t just about the initial surprise; they’re about creating a lasting impression of credibility and excellence. Elevate your marketing game with BILL-BOARD Money Cards—the pinnacle of drop card design!

  • Die-cut shape! (No rectangles)
  • Interlocks! (No butterfly effect)
  • Printed on top-quality 14-pt card stock! (Best 1st impression)
  • The unique design looks like money should!
  • When folded, it fits perfectly into your wallet’s credit card slots!
  • When opened, highlight your message like a BILL-BOARD should!
  • They are kept as treasured keepsakes!
  • Learn more

Product Dimensions

BILL-BOARD money cards are designed (when folded) to fit into your wallet in the same space/location you keep credit cards. This area is perfect for long-term storage, keeps your money card protected, and impresses the heck out of onlookers when you open your wallet.

Due to the unique nature of the BILL-BOARD design shape, measurements can vary depending on where taken. The sizes shown below reflect the widest or longest points of reference. The size of BILL-BOARD:

When open:

  • 4.5 Inches Wide
  • 3.2 Inches High

When closed:

  • 2.5 Inches Wide
  • 3.2 Inches High

Custom Print Area*:

  • 3 Inches wide
  • 2 Inches High

*As a comparison, the custom design area for your message is about the size of a standard business card.

Design Tips

Keep it simple. Less is more! Think Call to Action! These are three statements to live by when creating a successful drop card. Drop cards are not mini brochures. Design your card so that your prospect is inspired to perform a call-to-action; watch a video, listen to a recorded message, go online, or call you to learn more about your product or services. Keep in the back of your mind that you are creating your message to fit on an area about the size of a business card. Do not over-design! You are not competing to stand out — Your message is the only one on the card! Your audience will be lured in because of money, but you are monopolizing the message after that.

Things that are NOT necessary on a drop card:

  • “www: (you do not need to include the three w’s in front of your website);
  • Zipcodes unless you want actual snail mail sent to you;
  • Addresses unless you want them to visit you;
  • Text smaller than 8 pts.
  • Expanding everything up tight against the money border leaves some wiggle room (white space around your design);
  • Limit the use of CAPS and do not use a bunch of different colors;
  • Lots of images – too many take up valuable real estate and are not needed.

What you should include:

  • Website;
  • QR code if you have a video to watch or a website that has a lengthy address;
  • Call to action; Call me, look at this video, listen to my pre-recorded message, etc.
  • Your name and phone number;
  • Text point size 8pts or larger;
  • Give your copy some breathing room – Do not maximize its size to fit the whole card unless it is necessary;
  • Headline, quick message, and contact info

Online Designer Tips
We will print exactly what you created. Please be mindful of low-quality images, graphics, or logos that you use and spelling and grammar usage. We will not correct any of these flaws if they are present in the card you designed online. If you’d like to use a graphic image, photo, or company logo, try your best to use a high-resolution image of at least 150-300 dpi or higher. Use the zoom feature to look at your image close up. If the edges of your image appear to be very pixelated, or if your image seems too fuzzy, you may want to reconsider using that image as it is likely that those flaws will be apparent in your printed card.

  • Please keep your design inside and not touching the money border. Any design outside or touching the border’s edge will be resized at our discretion.
  • Use images 300 dpi or higher for best results;
  • Avoid fuzzy images
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