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Designing HealthyNuLiving Marketing Cards is straightforward using the 24-Hour Online Designer. However, for those needing a little assistance please review the questions below and watch the video below for more in-depth learning.

How To Use The Online Designer

Design your own HealthyNuLiving Marketing cards using our 24/7 online designer. We have made it EZ for you to custom design your cards INSTANTLY with the use of our online money card designer; Add text, images, photos, and color at no extra cost. Creating your design yourself does have advantages; You will get your cards faster because you know exactly what you want, and this saves time going back and forth with our design department.

How To:
Scan a QR Code

How-To QR Scan With An iPhone

How-To QR Scan With An iPhone

Most newer smartphones allow you to use the native camera app! This is amazing because you no longer need to open a separate app on your smartphone to scan a QR code. It's as intuitive as taking a photo or selfie. Why is this a QR game changer? Well, only millions and millions of people own a smartphone, and because scanning a QR code is as easy as taking a photo, you will see these funny-looking barcodes pop up all over the place.

Think this, though; no one likes to type a long website (especially affiliate websites!), phone numbers, etc., while on their phone, BUT scanning is so much easier and faster. A QR code magically takes you to where they want to go without typing. It's the course of least resistance!

QR codes work with them too! They may not just work with your native camera app; however, download a Free QR reader/scanner. Please do it now! Try it! People that know about QR codes already have the app on their phones. Because this "technology" is new to you, others don't know how to utilize this fantastic (currently) underused technology.

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