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ONLINE PROOFS CREATED BY YOU: I have verified that spelling and content are correct. I am satisfied with the document layout and the images represented I created with the Online Money Card Designer. I understand that my document/design will print EXACTLY as it appears here, that I cannot make any changes once my order is placed, and that I assume all responsibility for typographical errors.
Our BILL-BOARD® money drop cards satisfies the guidelines set by the US Government and are not considered counterfeiting.  However, we can not or will be responsible for your actions with them.  Uses described within this site are intended to provide “marketing ideas” only.  It is your responsibility to check as to the legality with your state, local and city ordinances as to your intended delivery method and/or use.  Please do not liter, be considerate of others (and their personal property) and never attempt to pass them off as legal tender to anyone – not even as a joke. Some of the images contained within this site are graphically designed (“drawn”); Our best intentions are used to accurately represent our product as true and accurate. However exact size, color variants and shape may vary from your actual order. Some of the images contained on this site are actual photos; Photos may not truly represent actual printed color due to ink variants, your monitor settings, lighting, etc.  Actual physical size shown in any image may not necessarily be accurate; which may have been scaled up/down to best fit this sites layout, page dimensions or otherwise. Furthermore, we reserve the right to modify our die pattern (and/or card shape) as we feel necessary to stay competitive or otherwise. Major product renovations will be shown as updates (images/product descriptions) on this site –however small changes that do not affect the overall product as described may be left untouched, modified or updated. Printing is not an exact science; Paper stock(s), inks, humidity, 3-party supplier/services and machinery all contain uncontrollable variables and can change from order to order which may show as variance in your actual order when compared to images contained within this site and/or your approved proof. If you are concerned in anyway you may request a sample at anytime prior to placing an order.
  • Please keep your design inside and not touching the money boarder. Any design (outside the or touching the border) will be resized at our discretion to fit within.
Note: There are no refunds on custom printing. Once your proof is approved (and if prior to printing) you may cancel and receive a full refund unless your order required our graphic design services; Then we reserve the right to withhold a minimum of 15% surcharge for our design time. Shipping: Unless otherwise notified, all products will be shipped from our facility to your payment (billing) address; It is your responsibility to provide current and accurate shipping details.


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