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Fold Over Money Drop Card - Sales Message Inside
Available Two Currency Styles

A BILL-BOARD®, unlike traditional business cards (that get thrown out or lost), money cards, are kept and treasured by the recipient as a novelty. Successful Realtors understand the value of retention and how this is the best way to capitalize on current, future business and referrals. Some real estate agents only use money cards as their principal business card, while some use them to generate additional business from those they have yet to meet or both. There are 100+ more ways to use money cards.

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Now Is The Time To Market Yourself While Everyone Else Is Waiting For The Market To Pick Up!

24-Hour (out-the-door) Guarantee! This straightforward and affordable marketing tool is like none you have ever experienced; Once you use them, you’ll understand the power of marketing retention

You will be known as the Realtor that gives away those $100 business cards! Plus, they are guaranteed to bring a smile to every person you hand a money card who doesn’t want to start off meeting a new client with a smile?


drop card idea for realtor broker

David Munns

Real Estate Broker

Drop Card Idea - Real Estate Enevlope

I go old school with these ... I snail-mail them in a handwritten addressed envelope to renters. The envelope I use is the thinnest I can buy because I want the money card inside to be seen through it. Here's why I think it works so well - The person looking at the envelope is compelled to open it to get at the money inside! The message inside my money card is geared toward first-time buyers and renters. I tell them I can help them buy a home and pay less money a month then they are paying in rent. I handwrite what they pay for renting vs. owning a home. I have a mailing list for all the apartment buildings near me, so I know they are all renters and what they pay in rent. The combination of a handwritten address envelope with "money" visible through it, and then customization (their actual rent I handwrite on each money card), is without a doubt is the most effective marketing I have ever done! These cards work like magic getting me leads!

Drop Card Ideas for Coupons

Linda Mays

Real Estate Agent

When I show homes the seller often asks to leave our card; 9 out of 10 times I find a pile of cards from other agents that have been there previously. However, when I leave my card it always gets the most attention! If my clients see me doing this, they inquire why I am leaving money. I jokingly tell them that it's the cost of doing business!


Actual Cards Left At A Listing!
Which One Do You Think The Seller Remembers?



Realtor Jascon

Jason Rollin


Dropcard Idea #6

In one day, I have reached hundreds of people in a relatively short amount of time by placing my money cards under the driver's side windshield wiper or between the door jams of each car in a parking lot. Walmart is like pay dirt! I even put some in the shopping carts 🙂 I use them to get listing leads and offer them a home warranty if they list with me. These things work, and it's so much fun marketing with money!Dropcard Idea #6 - v2

Real Estate Drop Card Ideas for Brokers

Jeff Sawyer

Broker, Owner

Realtor Ideas For Drop CardsWe have a real estate magazine rack outside our office door; I use our money cards to bookmark where our ad is located. I also make sure I do this when I take one of the magazines to a listing appointment. I want the seller to find my ad quickly. The reaction I get when they open up the magazine and find "money" is priceless! When they laugh and smile, it makes my job getting the listing just a little bit easier and fun. These cards are a blast!


Design Your Own Cards
With Our Online Designer

Can’t decide? Flip a coin. Choosing one style over the other is really a personal preference, both cards are extremely effective fooling the receiver they found real money and reading your message … and that’s the whole objective!  Learn more


Modify One Of Our Templates & Make It Uniquely Yours

Easily customize it with your information, we’ll print it and get it out of our shop within 24-hours or less, or they’re — FREE. We’ll even upgrade your shipping to priority, so they arrive even faster!

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Don't Have Time? Want Us To Design It?
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We offer custom designing for busy Realtors that don't have time to mess around modifying a pre-made template or creating their own. For a small extra charge, our designers are more than be happy to design your BILL-BOARD® money card for you. We can’t always guarantee the same 24-hr turnaround because you’ll need to approve our design before we can print. We’re pretty quick (and still strive for a 24-hour out the door turnaround), but we can’t guarantee it like we can if you design it. However, once you approve your proof – it’s out the door in 24 hours or less! Learn more

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