Our Affiliate Program is easy and profitable. You earn a commission from each sale simply by referring others to our website using your assigned referral link and if you really want to supercharge and cross-sell add your branded referral link on the bottom of each BILL-BOARD Money Card. Think about it; Order 1,000 cards and you have a thousand more opportunities to earn more money; Literally thousands of dollars!


Earn More Money For Referrals

If you want to earn extra income from your downstream (MLM), employees, independent contractors (real estate agents, etc.), this option is for you. All you need to do is provide a simple link that is assigned specifically to you. Every time someone (anyone) clicks on your assigned referral link and orders BILL-BOARD Money Cards, you will earn a commission. How you market your link is totally up to you! Add the link on your website, email signature, Facebook page, whatever. The sky's the limit!

Three Plans Available:

  1. Active = 10%
  2. Infuencer = 15%
  3. Promoter = 20%


  • Everyone that becomes an Affiliate starts as Active. No qualifications.
  • Highly recommend BILL-BOARD branding
  • 10% Commission


  • Must have at a website
  • Must place an affiliate link on site
  • Highly recommend BILL-BOARD branding
  • 15% Commission



The average sale (1,000 cards $99) is nearly $20 in commission*; $20 x 1000 = $20,000! You only need 5 people out of 1000 cards to pay yourself back, assuming you order at least 1,000 cards.

  • Must have a website
  • Must have a Facebook page
  • Must have BILL-BOARD branding
  • 20% Commission

2nd Opportunity To Earn $$$

Everyone that receives or finds a BILL-BOARD Money Cards loves them! Your message will get read, and if the recipient finds your service or product appealing to them, expect results. However, not everyone will be interested in what your pitch'n, that's just life.

Why Not Try Cross-Selling What Their Holding?

Affiliate Money Card PropgramJust like you, many people think money cards are an awesome way to promote THEIR OWN service or product. So they keep your card and "Google" later to try to find where you found your card. You make nothing. Why not make it easy to order their own BILL-BOARD Money Card and capitalize on it with your own referral coupon printed directly on (but below) your message and get paid! This is tremendous! The potential to earn a lot of money above and beyond your own sales message is a huge potential for extra income.


We will create a coupon that is exclusive to you and print it right on your cards. Why? Higher return rates that's why! We found that most people don't want to enter a long affiliate link or know just to enter the domain and bypass the affiliate together BUT we have discovered that if you offer a coupon for them to save money ($5 dollars off) they will use it! The best part, the coupon code is assigned to your Affiliate account! If someone uses your coupon, you get paid! No ugly, long, or spammy links!

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