Drop Card Ideas For Car Sales

If you work in car sales BILL-BOARD money cards are a must! Safeguarding your prospects and having them ask (return) to you is paramount. Offering them something unique like a “wad of one hundred dollar bills” is very memorable; They will keep your money card above all other business cards they receive–Yours will rise to the top. Offer an incentive like $100 off (if they purchase from you) ups the ante even more! Have a look at few drop cards designs that other salespeople are having success. The templates below can be semi-custom modified with your name and contact information. If you desire something 100% unique to you, then check out our custom services.

Drop card ideas for car salesNot every customer that comes onto our lot is going to buy a car (vehicle) that day. If I am not at work the next time they come back, I may lose my prospect to another salesperson. With my money cards, they always remember to “ask for me” even if I am not there so I still have an opportunity to make the sale. These little suckers has helped me retain my come-backs ten fold!

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