Which Currency Style?

One hundred $100 dollar drop card - outside design
Previously in circulation
Currently in Circulation | Newer $100 Bill Design
Currently In Circulation

We feature both styles of one hundred dollar bills for our BILL-BOARD drop cards; Previous and Current. Both money cards look like real money on the outside and your custom message on the inside.  We offer both styles because each bill can still be seen in circulation.

Can’t decide? Flip a coin. Choosing one style over the other is really your preference, both cards are extremely effective fooling the receiver they found real money and reading your message … and that’s the whole objective!

  • Each style is constructed exactly the same:
  • Uniquely Die cut!
  • Exclusive Interlocking Tab and Slit!
  • Printed on top quality cardstock!
  • Features our inside money boarder!
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