Drop Card Ideas For Financial Planners

If you are in the “money business” nothing is better than a Money Business Card! Unlike traditional/standard business cards which get thrown out or lost, money cards are kept and treasured by the recipient as a novelty. Successful financial planners understand the value of retention and how this is the best way to capitalize on future business and referrals. Some financial planners only use money cards as their primary business card while some use them to generate additional business from those they have yet to meet or both. This straightforward and affordable marketing tool is like none you have ever experienced once you use them, you’ll understand the power of marketing retention. Plus they are guaranteed to bring a smile to every person you hand a money card who doesn’t want to start off meeting a new client with a smile?

… I always tell my new clients that I am going to help them meet their long-term financial objectives and it starts all starts (with hiring) me because I offer them $100 bonus, I say this as I hand them my money card; They laugh. Â In my business, if I can start them off with a smile – it makes my job that much easier. These (BILL-BOARD) are a great investment.

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