Drop Card Coupon Ideas

Money cards as coupons? You bet! Cash coupons are extremely effective to obtain and maintain customer retention. Money cards used as coupons go hand-in-hand, they look like the money your prospects will save. You can offer any amount of value inside … you do not have to offer only $100 off. The ruse of money on the outside is to grab their attention NOT necessarily what they will get … It is perfectly acceptable to offer any amount, no monetary value at all, two for one offers, etc. Think of BILL-BOARD drop cards as the delivery vehicle for your message inside. Remember your message inside can be anything you desire. People LOVE these cards, and they will keep and think of your for a very long time.

Drop Card Ideas for Coupons… Right before the holidays my husband and me toss drop cards (out of our car window) on to driveways around our city. We offer $25 off carpet cleaning and always receive a bunch of calls! They might not remember a carpet cleaning ad seen in the mail, but they sure as heck remember our coupon!

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